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Tár: Cate Blanchett delivers an Oscar worthy performance in modern day classic

Todd Field's first film since 2006's "Little Children" is a fantastic drama that will have you hypnotized from start to finish. The screenplay and direction, both done by Field, are purposely slow-paced to build up tension throughout the movie. This style pays off greatly as the twists and turns lead to a dramatic climax that has the viewer glued to the edge of their seat. Acting as the main character, Lydia Tár, Cate Blanchett delivers a mesmerizing and gut-wrenching performance that rivals her Oscar-winning role in 2013's "Blue Jasmine”. The layers she peels back for this character add to the secrets she's hiding from the audience and creates an iconic performance for the actress. This Oscar-worthy performance from Blanchett, coupled with incredible screenplay and direction from Field, makes Tár one of the year’s best films and a modern-day masterpiece.

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