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Venom: Let There Be Carnage: A fun improvement over its predecessor

The sequel to the 2018 disappointment known as “Venom” is a massive improvement, even if everything onscreen does not work. Motion Capture genius Andy Serkis directs Venom in a more exciting and fun way compared to the fiasco that Venom went through in his previous film. Tom Hardy returns as Eddie Brock, AKA Venom, and gives another excellent performance as the famed anti-hero. Michelle Williams and Reid Scott also return from the first film, and despite giving better performances compared to the first film, it almost looks like they didn’t need to be in this movie. Stephen Graham and Naomie Harris give decent performances as Detective Mulligan and Frances Barrison, AKA Shriek, respectively. Woody Harrelson gives a fantastic performance as Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage, and in typical fashion, Harrelson looks like he’s having so much fun portraying this psychotic and deranged character. The two major problems this film suffers from are that the pacing is slow, and the film has a runtime of an hour and thirty minutes making me wish they made it longer because there was so much of story missing, and I wanted to see more of it. Regardless, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is still a fun and massive improvement over its predecessor. Thanks to Andy Serkis’s superb direction and excellent lead performances by Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is a fun Marvel superhero movie that knows how to give you a good time at the cinemas without taking itself too seriously.

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