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Chaos Walking: A great premise trapped in a boring wasteland

Based on the Science Fiction novel "The Knife of Never Letting Go" by Patrick Ness, "Chaos Walking" has a great concept, but its bland execution prevents us from being intrigued with its storytelling. Doug Liman's direction is very confusing because he explains the special ability that the characters have in the film known as "Noise" in a convoluted way. this ability allows the male population to hear other men's thoughts. Females don't have it but can hear the male's thoughts making the concept of this ability very hard to understand. One positive I have with the movie is that Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley give a good performance and have very nice chemistry together. "Chaos Walking" could have been a fun and exciting dystopian franchise. Still, the bland storytelling and confusing direction by Doug Liman wash away any opportunity the audience can be invested with this film despite Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley giving good performances within this boring wasteland.

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