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Cry Macho: A very disappointing Neo-Western by Clint Eastwood

Despite having gorgeous scenery and an excellent musical score, this neo-western directed by Clint Eastwood feels like a complete snooze fest from start to finish. At the age of ninety-one, Clint Eastwood playing this type of character is an excellent idea. However, he also directed the movie, and you can tell that the flow of this movie feels very slow and uneven. The screenplay contains a plot that you have seen a dozen times before in other films, and between this and 2018’s “The 15:17 to Paris,” it almost feels like Eastwood’s heart is in the wrong place, and this late in his career. “Cry Macho” is a movie that I think that if Eastwood made this in the ’70s or 80’s it would have been a much better movie. Due to the messy direction and choppy screenplay, this two-hour film felt like five hours. It is unfortunate because we know how good Clint Eastwood is as a filmmaker but given where he is at this point in his life, it does make you ask yourself, “Is it time for him to ride off into the sunset or maybe give it one more go?”

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