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Elemental: A sweet romantic comedy from Pixar

The newest animated film from Pixar is a sweet romantic comedy about acceptance, love, friendship, and following your dreams instead of what others want you to do. The animation looks terrific, and the designs for the characters representing the four elements look creative and impressive. Leah Lewis and Mamoudou Athie have excellent chemistry and give great performances as the two main characters who fall in love despite one of them being a fire element and the other being a water element. The film's most significant negative is a repeated problem within Pixar's past three movies: the liar reveals cliche. That means filmmakers will put this trope in Romantic Comedies to have two characters meet, and one doesn't tell the truth. When it's discovered, they hate each other for ten minutes until they find out something in that fake relationship that they were meant to be. It comes off as predictable, and once you see the characters meet for the first time in the film, you can predict how the movie will go. "Elemental" may not be part of Pixar's elite group of films. However, it's still a sweet animated movie family will enjoy, thanks to its beautiful and creative animation, strong themes of family, love, and following your dreams, and incredible performances from Leah Lewis and Mamoudou Athie.

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