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Free Guy: A First Person Shooting Game Is The Best Comedy Of The Year

If I were to describe this movie to anyone, I would call it a fun and hilarious version of "Ready Player One" meets "Grand Theft Auto." "Free Guy" is an original film by director Shawn Levy, known for the Night at the Museum trilogy and the world phenomenon known as "Stranger Things." The film is visually stunning, wildly imaginative, and contains hilarious moments that will have you laughing for days. Ryan Reynolds gives a fantastic performance as the main character Guy, a bank teller, about to go from background character to the main hero in a first-person shooting game. Jodie Comer gives an excellent performance as the female lead and has terrific chemistry with Ryan Reynolds. Taika Waititi is hilarious as the head of the video game company Guy is from and is the movie's main villain. "Free Guy" is a visually stunning film that relies heavily on its clever jokes and likable lead characters to give you a good time at the movies this summer. Thanks to its excellent comedic timing, fantastic direction by Shawn Levy, and great performances by Reynolds, Comer, and Waititi, "Free Guy" is the best virtual video game-based movie since "Ready Player One." It is also the best comedy of the year.

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