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Ghosted: A romantic comedy without the chemistry

Dexter Fletcher’s newest action rom-com is a grade b version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” It lacks charm or excitement and features zero chemistry within our main leads. “Ghosted” is a forgettable movie that features dumb action cliches, predictable moments, and a screenplay that was written with no sense of direction whatsoever. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas have zero chemistry with each other, and not once do you buy them as a couple. Evans and de Armas spend ninety percent of the movie arguing that it becomes distracting and makes you lose focus of the story. The one good thing about this movie is that the action scenes look good, but they look like they were filmed and edited by two people. Meaning that half of the action was shot by someone who knows how to direct action, and the other half was done by someone who’s never had experience with action scenes and rushed it to a tenth degree. Due to its sloppy direction by Dexter Fletcher and non-existing chemistry by Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, “Ghosted” is a lifeless romantic comedy that serves as a complete waste of time and will be forgotten by people within a week.

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