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Halloween Ends: A weak finale but is still enjoyable

The final entry in David Gordon Green's "Halloween" trilogy features some good kills and great performances. Still, it might leave you questioning some of its choices within its premise and execution. The screenplay is very disjointed, resulting in certain characters making dumb discussions that you would typically see in horror movies and featuring story elements that feel confusing. Michael Myers is barely in this movie despite providing some pretty creative kills. If you go into this movie thinking he will steal the show again, manage your expectations because you might feel disappointed. As far as positives go, there are still some things to like in the film. Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic, reprising her iconic role of Laurie Strode and Andi Matichak gives a good performance reprising her role of Allyson Nelson. The effects on how the people of Haddonfield are trying to recover from Michael Myers's reign from the events of 2018's "Halloween" and "Halloween Kills" are handled pretty maturely. The final battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers that began in 1978 was pretty cool but could have been much longer than what was presented in the film. "Halloween Ends" may not stick the landing and give us the satisfying conclusion we hoped to see. However, thanks to the mature themes of PTSD and great performances from Jamie Lee Curtis and Andi Matichak, "Halloween Ends" is still an enjoyable film, even if not all of the elements succeed.

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