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House of Gucci: Lady Gaga is fantastic in Ridley Scott's latest film

A month ago, Ridley Scott directed the masterpiece "The Last Duel," and now he's jumped right back in to explore the dark side of the fashion empire known as Gucci. While not as good as "The Last Duel" due to its bizarre tone and pacing, "House of Gucci" is still a pretty good film, thanks to its ensemble cast. Lady Gaga gives a fantastic performance as Patrizia Reggiani, the wife of famed designer Maurizio Gucci. Adam Driver also delivers a solid performance as Maurizio Gucci, and he and Lady Gaga have great chemistry throughout the film. Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, and Al Pacino all portray the other Gucci family members, and all three of them deliver excellent performances within the supporting cast. "House of Gucci" is a fascinating look into how fashion designers can have so much power but soon discover that all the glitters are not gold. Thanks to Ridley Scott's fantastic direction and incredible performances by Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, "House of Gucci" will have you mesmerized from start to finish. While "The Last Duel" was the better of the two films, 2021 was still an excellent year for legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott to make two good movies within one month from each other.

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