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Madame Web: One of the worst Marvel movies to give a whole meaning to the phrase its so bad its good

The fourth film in Sony's Marvel Universe series is an absolute comedy masterpiece but for the wrong reasons. The newest Marvel movie from director S. J. Clarkson is a poorly directed film filled with lazy acting, plot points that make zero sense, horrible cinematography, and moments that are supposed to come off as serious. Still, they give new meaning to the phrase "it's so bad it's good." This is crazy because S. J. Clarkson helped create one of Marvel's best shows, "Jessica Jones," and the success she brought to that show is nowhere to be seen when creating "Madame Web." Dakota Johnson gives a bland and nonexistent performance as Cassandra Webb, AKA Madame Web. That is also the case with a lot of the actors in this movie, which includes Sydney Sweeney as Julia Cornwall, Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon, Celeste O'Connor as Mattie Franklin, Mike Epps as O'Neil, Emma Roberts as Mary Parker, and Tahar Rahim as antagonist Ezekiel Sims. Adam Scott is the only actor in this movie who delivers a decent performance as Ben Parker. Scott in this movie is like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Robert Zemeckis's "Pinocchio," meaning he knows the movie is terrible and does his best to turn in a decent performance. Due to its lazy direction and laughable performances, "Madame Web" is one of the worst Marvel movies in the past few years, and if you want to compare movies and the NFL, then "Madame Web" is the New York Jets of Marvel movies.

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"the New York Jets of Marvel movies" why i aughtta!! ; )

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