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Maestro: Bradley Cooper's directorial follow up to "A Star is Born" is fantastic

What happens when you have a movie produced by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper directing in his follow-up to "A Star is Born," and the fascinating true story about famed composer Leonard Bernstein? You get a fantastic movie. Bradley Cooper's second directorial film about legendary composer Leonard Bernstein is an incredible look into the personal and professional life of the man who changed live performance theater. Following his previous film, "A Star is Born," Bradley Cooper continues exploring the world of music in his films and showcases classic Broadway with a directing style that combines the work of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and Bob Fosse. Bradley Cooper also delivers a fantastic performance as Leonard Bernstein. Thanks to Bradley Cooper's incredible, unrecognizable performance, Cooper completely disappears into the role, making it feel like you're watching the real Leonard Bernstein onscreen. Carey Mulligan delivers an excellent performance as Felicia Montealegre, who was Bernstein's wife until 1978, when she died of breast cancer. Throughout their marriage, Leonard Bernstein had affairs with men and women, and Mulligan's emotional performance shows the audience why their marriage was able to last for a long time despite Leonard having several affairs that had consequences with himself and his family. The supporting cast consisting of Matt Bomer as David Oppenheim, Sarah Silverman as Shirley Bernstein, and Maya Hawke as Jamie Bernstein give great performances in the film. Thanks to Bradley Cooper's incredible direction and leading performance, a fantastic performance by Carey Mulligan, and an emotional story produced by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, "Maestro" is an excellent follow-up to "A Star is Born" and continues to establish Bradley Cooper as a fantastic director.

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