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Monkey Man: Dev Patel is excellent in the newest action film that is also his directorial debut

The newest action film from actor and now first-time director Dev Patel is a superb action film that feels like an unofficial sequel to the modern action classic “John Wick.” Patel’s direction is excellent, and the action sequences in this film are gritty and well-choreographed, making it feel like you are in the actual movie itself. In addition to having an impressive debut as a director, Dev Patel delivers a fantastic performance as a man who seeks to avenge the death of his mother by killing the people responsible while also becoming a hero for the people that the powerful and corrupt fortunate members of society pushed around. Thanks to its incredible action scenes and a fantastic directorial debut from Dev Patel, who delivers an excellent performance as well, “Monkey Man” is an amazing action film that pays tribute to “John Wick” and proves that Dev Patel is a director to watch out for after building up quite an accomplished career as an actor.

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