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Moonfall: A Science Fiction film that is an early contender for worst film of the year

Due to its screenplay and direction by Ronald Emmerich, “Moonfall” is an imperfect science fiction that doesn’t make sense of what it’s trying to be. Despite having a concept that could be intelligent and original, “Moonfall” comes off as a film that is uninspiring, messy, and above all, borderline stupid. Roland Emmerich’s direction is an absolute mess featuring terrible plot points, embarrassingly unfunny humor, and actors delivering performances that feel so forced and unnatural. Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson try to act around this bizarre screenplay, but their performances come off as bland that it’s not enough to save this movie. The only positive this movie has is that the visual effects look very cool, but there are times they come off as distracting throughout the film, making the movie much worse. If I was to describe this movie to anyone, all I can say is picture “Aliens,” “Armageddon,” and the “Mass Effect” video game series blindfolded.

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