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Nobody: Bob Odenkirk shines as an action star

Nobody review: The tagline of this film reads, "Never underestimated a nobody"; however, it should say, "Never underestimate Bob Odenkirk's ability as an actor to try new things." After having a successful career within the comedy genre and nearly a decade playing Saul Goodman in the "Breaking Bad" franchise, Bob Odenkirk sheds away his comedic talents and trades it away to show off his abilities as an action star and pulls it off with great success. Inspired by the modern classic "John Wick," director Ilya Naishuller goes hard-core on the violence to tell the story instead of being a generic action film we have seen time and time again. "Nobody" is a pretty cool action film that knows how to give you a damn good time at the movies while also having an excellent story to tell along the way. Thanks to the fantastic fight choreography, excellent direction by Ilya Naishuller, and an outstanding performance by Bob Odenkirk, "Nobody" is a significant breakthrough for Bob Odenkirk as an action star. If there was a dynamic character that could go toe to toe with John Wick, it's Odenkirk's Nobody because to quote the film's tagline, "never underestimate a nobody."

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