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Nomadland: Frances McDormand is incredible in this beautiful road movie

Nomadland review: The most recent film directed by Chloé Zhao is a beautiful work of art that feels like you want to take a nice trip on the road. Frances McDormand gives a fantastic performance as a middle-aged woman who loses everything and embarks on the road visiting other nomads. "Nomadland" may have a slow start, but its gorgeous cinematography will leave you in a peaceful trance that will have you glued to the screen. Thanks to the beautiful cinematography, excellent direction by Chloé Zhao, and Frances McDormand's fantastic performance, "Nomadland" is a terrific movie that will make you appreciate living your life on the road and not take the things we love in our regular lives for granted, most notably technology.

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Thanks to your review I am definitely putting this movie at the top of my list to watch this month!! I can't wait!


Can’t wait to watch this film. Love your review! Thanks.

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