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Pig: Nicolas Cage makes a return to form by delivering an incredible performance

Pig review: The directorial debut from Michael Sarnoski is a great first feature film unlike any other. Sarnoski takes what could've been a silly story about Nicolas Cage looking for a pig and transforms it into a dark and gritty drama that is about more than just a pig hunt. Nicolas Cage gives an incredible performance as a reclusive truffle farmer trying to find his pig while returning to the former life that he had left behind a decade prior. Nicolas Cage's determination and the vulnerability that he unleashes throughout the film is a perfect reminder that when he is given the suitable material to work with, he is a great actor while also providing his iconic freak-out moments. The pacing in this movie may come off as slow at times. However, thanks to Michael Sarnoski's superb direction and the incredible performance by Nicolas Cage, "Pig" is an excellent return to form for him, and he has done a lot of direct to DVD films lately. Consider this film as a perfect example that it's Nicolas Cage's world and we are all living in it.

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