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Prey: The best Predator film since the original

Serving as a prequel to the 1980s action classic “Predator,” the latest installment in the Predator franchise by Dan Trachtenberg is a gritty action film that manages to be the best in the series since the original. The action sequences are fantastic, the visuals are incredible, and the design of the Predator brought to life by actor Dane DiLiegro is terrific, making it the best-looking Predator since the original. Newcomer Amber Midthunder gives a fantastic breakthrough performance as the young Comanche warrior who is determined to take down the Predator and protect her tribe from the impending doom. Thanks to Dan Trachtenberg’s incredible direction, excellent visual effects and action scenes, and a fantastic performance by Amber Midthunder, “Prey” is not only the best predator sequel but is simply the best predator film since Arnold Schwarzenegger started it all back in 1987.

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