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Promising Young Woman: Emerald Fennell knocks it out of the park in her directorial debut

Promising Young Woman review: One of the most entertaining revenge thrillers in years is hilarious, dramatic, and sexy. Academy Award-nominated director Emerald Fennell makes her directorial debut and knocks it right out of the park with a screenplay full of twists and turns and creates a strong female character who will do whatever it takes to make sure that justice will be served to people who have it coming. Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan gives an incredible performance as a lonely woman who is seeking revenge on the people that raped her best friend to death. Mulligan goes through a wide range of emotions that include anger, desperation, seductive, cunning, and dominated on the flip of a dime and performs her career worthy of her Best Actress Oscar nomination. “Promising Young Woman” is a fun masterpiece that knows how to give the audience a damn good time at the movies. The film also gives us a solid female protagonist when we need more strong and independent females leads, and that is thanks to the incredible vision of Oscar nominee Emerald Fennell and the Oscar-caliber performance of Carey Mulligan.

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