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Reminiscence: Hugh Jackman can't save a boring ripoff of Blade Runner and The Matrix

Despite having beautiful visual effects and gorgeous cinematography, "Reminiscence" comes off as a bleak and bland rip-off of classic Sci-Fi films such as "The Matrix" and "Blade Runner." Known for being one of the creators of the TV show "Westworld', Lisa Joy made her directorial debut, and the vision she brings to this movie is a great idea. However, the story is uninteresting, and the pacing is slow, making this movie very boring and made me lose focus a few times. In addition to the visuals and cinematography, the only other positive takeaway in this movie is the solid performance by Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, it's not enough to keep me invested in the film. "Reminiscence" could have been a very cool Sci-Fi film to experience. Still, due to its boring premise and slow pacing, "Reminiscence" comes off as a generic version of "The Matrix" that cannot be saved by Hugh Jackman's performance, the visuals, and the cinematography.

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