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Rustin: Colman Domingo deliver a fantastic Oscar caliber performance as Bayard Rustin

Based on the incredible true story of how civil rights activist Bayard Rustin helped organize the March on Washington, the latest biographical drama from director George C. Wolfe and producers Barack and Michelle Obama is an excellent film about how one man overcame a lot of obstacles to help Dr. Martin Luther King deliver the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Director George C. Wolfe paints Bayard Rustin as the ultimate underdog that we want to see out on top while showing that his journey to achieve his goals wasn’t easy. Fighting through racism and his homosexuality, Bayard Rustin was depicted as a hero whose back was against the wall everywhere he looked. Still, he never let it get to him during his mission to help spread peace and love to the United States of America. Colman Domingo delivers a fantastic Oscar-caliber performance as Bayard Rustin. After winning an Emmy for HBO’s “Euphoria” and taking a ton of supporting roles in movies, one of which is “Selma” in which he played Ralph Abernathy, Domingo finally gets to prove himself as a leading man through his charismatic and unrecognizable performance as one of the most famous political figures during The March on Washington. Thanks to George C. Wolfe’s incredible direction and Colman Domingo’s fantastic performance, “Rustin” is an excellent look at how one man overcame many tough challenges to help Dr. Martin Luther King change the course of history and unite everyone to end racial discrimination in the USA. Being the third film of their company, Higher Ground, The Obamas have established themselves as incredible film producers with interesting topics to explore and curious to see what they do next. Not only did this feel like a passion project for the company, but in 2013, Barack Obama posthumously awarded Bayard Rustin with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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