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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins: Henry Golding shines in a fun action film with too much shaky cam

Based on the popular action franchise known as G.I. Joe, the origin story of the fictional assassin known as Snake Eyes is an excellent look into how this character became the Joes’ master swordsman. This film's biggest weakness is how Robert Schwentke directs and edits the action sequences throughout the film. The movie contains a humungous amount of shaky cam and quick edited jump cuts that will make you feel very dizzy because you want to see the action, but you can't see them to the point it comes off messy. However, there are many positive elements in this movie. Henry Golding gives an excellent performance as Snake Eyes, continuing to establish himself as one of the best actors working today. The backstory for Snake Eyes is compelling, and the production design and atmosphere of Tokyo, Japan, are beautiful. While using a ton of shaky cams and weird directing choices, "Snake Eyes" has a gorgeous production design, incredible backstory, and fantastic lead performance by Henry Golding. The film provides enough excitement to leave people satisfied to root for the famed assassin and will leave you intrigued to see where this character will go next in this new version of the G.I. Joe franchise.

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