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Space Jam: A New Legacy: Fun for kids but twenty five years too late

The long-awaited sequel to the 1996 classic “Space Jam” may have some creative ideas; however, the execution of these ideas proves that the film is twenty-five years too late. The biggest problem in this film from director Malcolm D. Lee is that the first hour is a massive commercial for the company of Warner Brothers by adding references from many of their well-known movies and tv shows, causing a distraction and losing focus on the story. An argument can be made the original film did the same thing. However, while the original “Space Jam” had so much product placement, it served a purpose to the overall story. LeBron James does the best he can with the material given to him, but it doesn’t work compared to what Michael Jordan was able to work with back in 1996. I did enjoy seeing the Looney Tunes, and their animation is outstanding, and the final basketball game is exciting and enjoyable. “Space Jam: A New Legacy” could have been an excellent sequel but had it come out three years after the original instead of twenty-five years, it would have worked out better. Despite having the comedy of the Looney Tunes, an excellent final basketball game, and LeBron James trying the best he can with the material given, this will appeal more to kids than adults and is a prime example of a film being released two decades too late and should have stayed in 1996 as one movie.

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