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The Fall Guy: A fun action film with great performances by Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt

Based on the popular television series from the 1980s, the newest action film from director David Leitch is a fun action film with many incredible stunts that will entertain you from start to finish. The action sequences are excellent, and the film contains an exciting premise that makes “Fast and Furious” look tame. Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt deliver fantastic performances and have great chemistry in this movie. The film also has a great supporting cast, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, and Winston Duke. The only negative aspect of this film is that while the first half is great, the second half is much slower and less engaging than the first. “The Fall Guy” is a fun start to the summer movie season thanks to David Leitch’s excellent direction, fantastic action sequences, and incredible performances from Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt.

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