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The Father: An emotional and haunting portrayal of memory loss

Based on the Tony award-winning play of the same name, Florian Zeller makes his directorial debut by telling a haunting and emotional story about a man struggling to accept his life after being diagnosed with dementia. Anthony Hopkins gives a heartbreaking performance as an aging man suffering from memory loss and starts to lose all sense of the world around him. Also giving a really great performance is Olivia Colman as Hopkins’s daughter, who struggles to take care of her father while also trying to move on with her life. Florian Zeller wrote the play that this movie is based on, and as you watch the film, the set designs and the screenplay feels so real that it feels like you are watching a dramatic play. “The Father” is a sad depiction of what happens when all of your memories start to fade away and how one person must come to terms with this new depressing life. Thanks to Florian Zeller’s incredible direction, the interesting depiction of dementia, and Anthony Hopkins’s phenomenal Oscar-nominated performance, “The Father” is a film that will play mind games on you, forcing the audience to separate what is real and imaginary. Like what Anthony Hopkins goes through, the film will play with your emotions and have you coming out as an emotional wreck on the other side.

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