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The Forever Purge: The Purge franchise goes out on a high note for fans of the series

The fifth and final film in James DeMonaco's The Purge series is an exciting sendoff to the dystopian action franchise. "The Forever Purge" is an interesting take on what would happen if a crime was legal for twelve hours and how it could turn into a never-ending violent riot that would lead into a nightmare of a life. While the film offers nothing new to the dystopian future genre, "The Forever Purge" is a pretty good allegory for the corruption within American society and contains tense moments that feel realistic. Josh Lucas gives a pretty good performance as the main character to protect his family from the purge and get them to a safe environment that contains no violence whatsoever. "The Forever Purge" may not win everybody over. Thanks to its commentary on violence in America, James DeMonaco's screenplay, and an excellent performance by Josh Lucas, this film will satisfy fans of the purge series while also bringing new fans with its tense moment's action-packed sequences from start to finish.

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