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The Invisible Man: The best horror movie in years features a monster you can't see

What’s creepy, bone-chilling, and will have you turning your heads for safety? Leigh Whannell’s take on the iconic universal monster known as The Invisible Man should do the trick. This contemporary remake will send shivers down your spine without relying on the generic jump scares and portrays how someone’s life can go from simple to unraveled after a traumatic experience. Elisabeth Moss is fantastic as the unstable protagonist and represents mental health in such a convincing and smart way. Oliver Jackson-Cohen is excellent as the iconic monster Adrian Griffin AKA The Invisible Man, demonstrating that the real scares are the things you can see. “The Invisible Man” is the most original horror movie I’ve seen since 2018’s “A Quiet Place” and 2017’s “Get Out.” Thanks to Leigh Whannell’s fantastic direction, incredible screenplay, a tremendous performance by Elisabeth Moss, and the realistic way the film dives into the world of mental illness both physically and mentally, “The Invisible Man” is an early contender as one of the best films of the year and is an absolute masterpiece.

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