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The Last Duel: Ridley Scott's latest epic is an absolute masterpiece

The newest film from legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott is a fantastic experience that takes the iconic technique known as the Rashomon effect to a whole different. Told from three other points of view, Ridley Scott creates an atmosphere that will have you scrambling to figure out which story is the truth, all set during the years leading up to the final duel that ever took place in medieval times and world history. The screenplay by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Nicole Holofcener is an intelligent and intriguing story that will have you guessing how the story will ultimately pay off. The point of view from the main characters are each told in three different ways, with unique styles added to each one. The four main actors, Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, and Ben Affleck, all give incredible performances. Thanks to Ridley Scott’s astonishing direction, fantastic screenplay by Holofcener, Affleck, and Damon, and outstanding performances by Affleck, Damon, Comer, and Driver, “The Last Duel” is a beautiful film that is up there as one the best films of the year. Even at the age of 83, this film demonstrates Ridley Scott can still make phenomenal movies.

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