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Those Who Wish Me Dead: A nail biter that will send chill down your spine

Based on the novel by Michael Koryta, Taylor Sheridan’s latest neo-western thriller is a slow and tense action film that showcases Angelina Jolie as one of the best versatile actresses of all time. Taylor Sheridan’s direction is a nail-biter that will send chills down your spine that not even the fire seen on screen can extinguish. Angelina Jolie gives an excellent performance as a veteran firefighter battling the demons of a fire safety mission gone wrong while trying to protect a young boy played by newcomer Finn Little. In addition, Little has excellent chemistry with the iconic actress. “Those Who Wish Me Dead” may not be as good as Sheridan’s previous film, “Wind River.” Still, thanks to his incredible direction, intense pyrotechnics sequences, and great performances by Angelina Jolie and Finn Little, this is a gripping action thriller. Those Who Wish Me Dead will have you on the edge of your seat and will leave you wanting more.

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